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Area 42 2018 report ananimity protected

AAWS Highlights-September 2018 (English)
AAWS Highlights-September 2018 (Spanish)

AAWS Highlights-July 2018 (English)
AAWS Highlights-July 2018 (French)
AAWS Highlights-July 2018 (Spanish)

AAWS Highlights-June 2018 (English)
AAWS Highlights-June 2018 (French)
AAWS Highlights-June 2018 (Spanish)

Blog 2 – Wednesday morning we held the 2 Trustee elections It was really exciting to be electing our new Pacific Region Trustee it took the full 5 Ballots to get her elected but we finally got it done. Then starting Wednesday afternoon we began hearing report backs from the conference committees and recommendations from the committees on some of the items. we then debated and voted on those recommendations. With additional considerations we only get to ask questions about how and why and maybe did you think of this. The chairperson of each committee answers the questions.

From Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening at 8 PM this is what we did when all the reports had been dealt with We had asked the trustees and the office to create new literature to update literature and change the focus of some committees and quite a bit of other things. It has been one of the most productive conferences is in the recent past few years, we didn’t argue, we had passionate debate followed by almost always substantial unanimity on our recommendations.

Friday night around 8 o’clock started the floor actions some of which were very easily taken care of. We got to the one which everyone had been waiting for then we had very passionate debate for a quite a while and I’m going to be very happy to tell you more about it when we all get together for the reports. Saturday morning we had a nice brunch and everyone was loving as we said goodbye to Joel and the North Eastern Canada trustee Richard. We then packed it up and went for a field trip to Stepping stones. I have included some pictures that I hope you like. I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon and will be putting out different styles of reports very quickly. Thanks for trusting me and sending me to this wonderful spiritual experience, the 68th General Service Conference.

Phil W – Panel 67 Area 42 Delegate

68th GSC Advisory Actions (English)
68th GSC Committee Considerations (English)
68th GSC Recommendations and Floor Actions Not Resulting in Advisory Actions (English)

Stepping Stone 1

Stepping Stone 2

Stepping Stone 3

Stepping Stone 4

Blog 1 – Phil W in New York at the 2018. General Service Conference

Arriving in New York was great my shuttle driver was very friendly playing great music and as we crossed the bridge into Manhattan singing along with Frank Sinatra‘s New York, New York. The next day was my birthday first thing in the morning I went to the top of the Empire State building then the meeting at G.S.O. I was very fortunate to get to go to the Brooklyn Museum with Joel and Mark to see an exhibit about the life of David Bowie and the day was topped off with kebabs and a nice birthday cake that Joel and Mark got me and sang me happy birthday. Saturday we did our historic tour hosted by George D. past Pacific region trustee he took us to a lot of the different places that AA was started in in New York City after which We had lunch and then the casual get together where we all milled around and were introducing ourselves to each other. On Saturday night started with the 1728 meeting which is to help class A Trustees understand the principles of AA. After which Bob and I hosted the remote communities meeting which turned out to be a very good discussion starter. We then ended the evening with the delegate’s only meeting. The chairperson of the delegates’ only meeting is a very funny delegate from Oklahoma.

Sunday the conference opened officially with the rollcall and a welcome a few talks about how we would do business and then we went right into listening to reports and presentations also we had joint trustee conference committee meetings followed by a wonderful opening dinner of which my good friends Ruth and Joan were able to be here. Monday started the committee process, I sit on the Treatment Accessibilities Committee and we worked through lunch and then went straight into the big room to hear more highlights and reports from the boards of the grapevine and AAWS also the Treasurers report. Dinner was served at 6:30 with more highlights and general sharing followed till 830. I was going to take a short walk when I was approached by our Canadian Trustee large Scott H who asked if I wanted to go with a group of people
and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I accepted the invitation with a lot of excitement in went with 17 other people on the subway and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge taking pictures and laughing and
having a great time. I got back to Times Square area around midnight and grabbed a slice from Ray’s famous Pizza, maybe got to bed around 130. Tuesday started very quick at 8 o’clock in the morning our
committee worked until noon and finished our committee work. Coming back from lunch we did the last of the area highlights and had some more presentations along with questions asked from the floor along
with comments made in a general sharing session. That lasted until 330 when we broke and went to a workshop. The workshops are smaller about 12 people discussing topics which were picked during last
year‘s conference. we had a wonderful fun late afternoon early evening get together for delegates only Dinner. We laughed and had a really great time and got everybody comfortable for the rest of the week
which brings me up to right now and I’m going outside to walk a little bit and get some rest. I really miss you all.


Townes hospital-8311

Conference Room


NYC Spring


2018 – 68th General Service Conference Agenda Items
68th GSC Final List of Agenda Items
68th GSC Final List of Agenda Items-Spanish

2017 Fall Assembly Information
Area 42 Report Back Sharing Version (1)
Notes added to delegates report
The Emails concerning Houston donations

67th General Service Conference Reports from San Diego / Imperial Area – These are great reports!

67 General Service Conference – Advisory Actions
67 General Service Conference – Advisory Actions re Literature
67 General Service Conference – Finance

Financial information from the 2017 General Service Conference can be found on the Area Member Information page (Password protected).

Feb 2017
Supporting our Future
A new year brings with it a new Theme for our conference “Supporting Our Future”. I think this is a great time to have this as our theme for the year. The discussion and presentation topics for the year are also very thought provoking.

A. Growth:
1.Diversity-Outreach and Attraction
2.Safety-An important Consideration
3.Communication Today and Tomorrow
B. Participation:
1. Fellowship vs. Membership
2.Leadership: ‘I am Responsible…”
3. Is your voice heard?
C. Contributions:
1. Spirituality and Money
2. Fully Self-Supporting Our Obligations
3. Apathy and Power of the Purse

Please use the below link if you want to access a copy of this list.
Supporting our Future Topics
2017 Final List of Agenda Items

2016 December AAWS Highlights
2017 Winter AAWS Highlights
2017 Winter AAWS Highlights (Spanish)
2017 Winter AAWS Highlights (French)
2017 June AAWS Highlights
2017 June AAWS Highlights (Spanish)
2017 July AAWS Highlights
2017 July AAWS Highlight (Spanish)
2017 September AAWS Highlights (Spanish)
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2017 December AAWS Highlight (Spanish)
2018 January AAWS Highlights (English)
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2018 March AAWS Highlights (French)
2018 March AAWS Highlights (Spanish)

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