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Feb 2017
Supporting our Future
A new year brings with it a new Theme for our conference “Supporting Our Future”. I think this is a great time to have this as our theme for the year. The discussion and presentation topics for the year are also very thought provoking.

A. Growth:
1.Diversity-Outreach and Attraction
2.Safety-An important Consideration
3.Communication Today and Tomorrow
B. Participation:
1. Fellowship vs. Membership
2.Leadership: ‘I am Responsible…”
3. Is your voice heard?
C. Contributions:
1. Spirituality and Money
2. Fully Self-Supporting Our Obligations
3. Apathy and Power of the Purse

Please use the below link if you want to access a copy of this list.
Supporting our Future Topics
2017 Final List of Agenda Items

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2016-12-9 AAWS Highlights

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