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2017 Delegate’s Conference Notes – The Conference Continues

So the second day of committee report back’s started at 9 AM again. I actually had a good day and watched a lot of discussion, call the vote, one discussion about an item that went through two amends to the wording of the item, and then an amend to the wording of the amend, and that got shot down. So then the amend then that got tabled, while we worked on the next item which actually should’ve been put in front of the other item because if the second item had not been passed the first item didn’t mean anything. So we debated on the second item for about an hour and a half before we decided with substantial unanimity not to pass it. Then we went back to the first item and ended up having to take it off the table it to send it back to the Trustee’s committee where it came from.

Right after dinner this evening we had two presentations about the international part of AA and it was one of Bob W’s last talks. A lady from GSO Mary C also shared, they both talked about how our message of hope is getting carried to many different places all over the world. It was all very inspirational and Scott his counterpart from Canada was also there. After the talk Scott and I were together and he kind of talked a little bit about a story of a hypothetical family who decides to go to dinner at 6:30 from a hotel and I come down at around 6:20 all ready and dressed, ready to go to the restaurant. About 25 till the hour another family member comes running in the front door of the hotel with a bag of groceries. stating they just got a run up to the room and freshen up and then I’ll be right down it’ll only take another three minutes in 15 to 20 minutes later they finally come back down and then the family kind of goes off to the restaurant at 7:10 you were sitting at the restaurant and it kind of really doesn’t matter anymore because you’re laughing and enjoying the time with your good family and enjoying everything. So it was just a little bit of a thought after a really kind of an interesting day of people jumping up to microphones and trying to make a motion and bringing up floor actions and changing the wording of another proposal and believe me I am having a good time but it does kind of get frustrating sometimes but it all goes away and we’re all having a good time and enjoying life at the conference. I really love my Area.

So it’s the final day of the conference and we started off really early with breakfast by almost all of the Pacific region Delegates saying happy birthday to our friend Bob from Hawaii. We then started our meeting at 9 o’clock in the morning. The meeting ran through the last four committees to report their committee work. When we were finished with the last of the committee work we had five committees that hit tabled one item, which we took off of the table and then asked the committees to huddle up and maybe withdraw their recommendation to pass the agenda item, and then we could send all of it back to the trustees committee to get the agenda item right and give it to all of the committees next year. It was a very interesting process and we wrapped up the committee work just after lunchtime and then we went into some presentations on the Grapevine which were really good. The grapevine is really moving into a little different way of communicating more e-communication.

After those presentations we were ready to sit down and do floor actions. Those are things that had come up throughout the whole week and were added to the agenda to become new material. We had seven of the floor actions and a couple of them we had debate on. The panel 66 delegates all lined up at the microphone to say their goodbyes. Then all of the trustees and the past trustees lined up to say goodbye to the panel 66 Delegates. Myself and a few 67′s snuck in the line and said hi and bye to all of the trustees which was really fun.

Thanks again and see you all soon!
Phil W – really loving you all!

2017 Delegate’s Conference Notes – Day 3 of the Conference

So the third full day of the conference started at 9 o’clock in the committee room as we went over more treatment and accessibilities things. We actually Okayed a draft pamphlet that will be coming out and went over both of our work kits, the treatment kit was pretty easy, the accessibilities one is getting changed so we had a few things to talk about with it. When that was over we elected next year’s chairperson of the committee. Lunch was pretty good and we immediately went to a big meeting and heard area highlights from Canada, and from the south down by Florida. After which we heard some what’s on your mind sharing. We listened to presentations from three of our delegates on the Participation presentation subjects. We took a short break and went to smaller rooms for workshop discussions about anonymity issues. I’m meeting lots of people and it’s very enjoyable. This evening we went back to a delegates only dinner and meeting where the panel 67 delegates were able to ask the panel 66 delegates questions about what happens after the conference. One of the past delegates told a story of a soldier in Lebanon who wrote to GSO and asked for some reading material which GSO sent. A few weeks later they received a letter from the soldier who asked for books to start a meeting which they sent. A few months later they got another letter from the US Army that read we regret to inform you that the young man whom you sent the books to lost his life a few days ago, but we are happy to let you know that the meeting he started is still going strong. That’s where the money you sent to AA goes. We were able to elect a conference delegate chairperson and alternate chairperson after which the meeting broke up and I was able to sign books for about a half hour. Another long day but very enjoyable with a lot of new friends

2017 Delegate’s Conference Notes – First Day of the Conference

Monday is the first day of the committee work I went to early-morning AA meeting and then had a bite to eat in a walk and then it was to a room with seven other committee members and secretary two helpers and to translators for the French gentleman who was part of our committee we worked on our first three agenda situations for three hours finishing up a few items with suggestions on how to finish them up and then broke and had lunch after lunch we went into the main hall in had presentations from the general service board Terry be in then a AWS Billy him the grapevine by Joel see and then we started doing panel 67′s area highlights which took us all the way up to dinnertime we all eat together in our served a nice pork chop dinner with apple sauce and salad and mashed potatoes and a nice tart for dessert after dinner we went back into the main room and listen to David M dark do his financial report which she did in an hour and it was very thorough I will have PowerPoint presentations anyway you want it the full picture or the just the easy way of looking at it then we had questions and answers and finally what’s on your mind so it was a long day we got out it around 945 for a 12+ hour day

2017 Delegate’s Conference Notes – Day 1
Travel to Conference

The day I was to leave for the conference dawned very early. It was my 65th birthday and I got up at 4:15 in the morning. I did get to go take a lot of pictures that morning and then had a great day celebrating my birthday and then in the evening started the great adventure of going across the United States. I left Mammoth at 7:30 and got into LAX and posted that on Facebook whereupon one of my friends, the delegate from 05 quickly asked on FB where I was. He was one gate away from me and so we got together and we got to hang out at LAX for about an hour before he left on his flight. My plane left LAX at 12:30 AM Friday morning and we flew all night long to Charlotte North Carolina whereupon I had another little layover and then flew the last leg up to White Plains New York and got in at noon.I was very tired but decided to go to the local store and get some groceries. After that I watched NASCAR in My room and ironed my shirts and then took a long walk and visited with some of my friends then decided it was time to rest for the evening so I’ll be rested in the morning and we’re going to the Rockefeller estate tomorrow.

Estate Tour Picture 1
Estate Tour Picture 2
Estate Tour Picture 3

Feb 2017
Supporting our Future
A new year brings with it a new Theme for our conference “Supporting Our Future”. I think this is a great time to have this as our theme for the year. The discussion and presentation topics for the year are also very thought provoking.

A. Growth:
1.Diversity-Outreach and Attraction
2.Safety-An important Consideration
3.Communication Today and Tomorrow
B. Participation:
1. Fellowship vs. Membership
2.Leadership: ‘I am Responsible…”
3. Is your voice heard?
C. Contributions:
1. Spirituality and Money
2. Fully Self-Supporting Our Obligations
3. Apathy and Power of the Purse

Please use the below link if you want to access a copy of this list.
Supporting our Future Topics
2017 Final List of Agenda Items

AAWS Highlights_Winter 2017_English
AAWS Highlights_Winter 2017_Spanish
AAWS Highlights_Winter 2017_French

2016-12-9 AAWS Highlights

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