Next NAGSC Business Meetings

The next NAGSC business meeting will be hosted by District 10A in Battle Mountain on Saturday June 3, 2023, details to follow.

12:00-12:50 DCMs & Standing Committee Chairs/GSR Training
1:00-4:00 Main Meeting

Zoom Meeting Information
Please contact your DCM or the NAGSC Chair.
Can also be found in the password protected area if your a area 42 member.

Upcoming Events:

Area 42 pre-conference assembly: March 31st thru April 2nd

NAGSC meeting: June 3rd

NAGSC meeting: August 5th

Area 42 post-conference assembly: September 8th thru 10th

NAGSC meeting: December 2nd



NAGSC Minutes
Revised by Ad Hoc Communications Committee for Anonymity Breaks in 2016.