The SAGSC May meeting is Sunday the 21st and I am requesting a copy of the reports you will be giving. This helps in two ways. First – most importantly I can get them translated (Thanks Dina & Tony) and two – the minutes will be more accurate.
Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Look for the invite with the agenda and such things coming closer to the date.

Thank you all for your service,Libby G.
SAGSC Secretary

Southern Area General Service Committee

SAGSC Hybrid Meeting Live and Virtual Meeting
Las Vegas Central Office-1515 E. Tropicana Ave, Suite 710
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  • Sunday January 8: 1-4pm
  • Sunday May 21: 1-4pm 
  • Sunday July 9: 1-4pm 
  • Sunday November 12: 1-4pm

GSR and DCM Training and Discussions 12:00-1:00
General Meeting 1:00

Southern Roundtables – 2023 Agenda Items



SAGSC Minutes
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